Conditions of Hire

‘Conditions of Hire’ Insurance and Liability

1. The trustees of Bacton-on-Sea Village Hall (hereafter BVH) does not accept any liability for damage, injury or losses, whether personal or to possessions, to either the Hirer, their representatives or any users invited into the hall/annexe/grounds (hereafter the premises), by the Hirer. This includes members of the public paying an entry fee to the Hirer.

2. The Hirer is responsible for making arrangements to insure against any third party claims, which may lie against them or their representatives or organisation, whilst using the premises. BVH shall have the right to request proof of insurance cover.

Accidents and Damage – Reporting and Indemnification

3. The Hirer will indemnify BVH for the excess cost of repair of any damage to the premises or BVH owned content, as a result of the hiring.

4. All accidents involving injury to the public must be reported, as soon as possible, to the Hall Booking Officer, or if appropriate, another member of the Management Committee. There is a First Aid Box & Accident Form (which should be completed) in the kitchen.

Health and Safety - including Children and People with disabilities

5. The maximum number of people to be admitted under fire regulations is, at any one time:

Location              Seated Function                            (no tables)            Combination

Main Hall                              125                               175                         150

Annexe                                  40                                0                           0

Both (used for same event)    160                               220                        180 

Any breaches to the is the responsibility of the Hirer

6. All organisations hiring the Premises must have policies in place for: • Clear procedures for emergency evacuation And where relevant • Provide extra help for users with disabilities • Comply with latest Child Protection Policies including the 1989 Children’s Act, if activities for children under the age of 8 are provided and ensure only fit and proper persons have access to the children. 

7. The Hirer must if preparing, serving or selling food, observe all relevant food health and hygiene regulations and legislation.

The latest food management safety system manual is located in the First Aid cupboard in the main kitchen. Please complete before and after checklist if using the kitchen 

Selling Items on the Premises

8. If goods are sold on the premises, the Hirer shall ensure compliance with the Fair Trading Laws and any Code of Practice observed.

General Conditions (See also Checklist for Hirers)

9. BVH have the right to refuse bookings and restrict entry to the general public if, in their opinion, it is not in the best interests of the Charity.

10. The Hirer shall have the sole use of the part of the Premises they have booked for the duration booked. Please note the annexe does not always have the use of the full kitchen.

11. The hall has a no smoking or vaping or drug use policy. The hirer must ensure that anyone wishing to smoke does so outside and disposes of cigarette ends, matches, etc in the ash tray provided in a tidy and responsible manner, so as not to cause a fire’.

12. All alcohol sales must be covered by an alcohol licence from North Norfolk District Council, which must be prominently displayed at the event.

13. The heating is automatically controlled by a thermostat located in the hall for the main hall and in the annexe. If hirers need to turn the thermostat up, please return it back down to 15oC when leaving.

14. The Hirer shall leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition and all equipment including tables and chairs shall be stored in their designated areas.

An invoice will be issued to cover this cost if not adhered to

15. Do not use nails, drawing pins, tacks or cello tape on walls, woodwork or windows. Any material for display is to be placed on the notice boards.

16. Do not open the emergency exit doors in the main hall except in a case of an emergency.

17. The Hirer will ensure that cars are only parked in designated spaces, 4 disabled spaces at the front and side of the hall all other cars in the car park to the rear of the hall.

Payment, Deposits and Cancellation

18. If the Hirer loses the keys to any of the outside doors of the premises, an amount of £50 is payable.

19. The Hirer shall pay the appropriate fee for the hire irrespective of the date it was booked.

20. The Hirer shall, at time of booking, pay the fee and a refundable damage deposit, if appropriate. Please see Rates of Hire for applicable amount. BVH reserves the right to deduct from this, any amount to cover replacement/repair as a result of damage or an amount to cover extra cleaning. If the damage/cleaning exceeds the deposit an invoice will be issued to cover the difference.

21. The hire rates will normally be increased on January 1st, but may be amended any time at the discretion of BVH. Any Hirers, who have pre-booked, will be notified accordingly. If they should wish to cancel as a result, no fee will be charged.

22. Village organisations hiring the hall on a regular basis can pay for the hire monthly in arrears by the last day of the month. For special one-off events or functions sections 20 and 21 apply.

23. Cancellation fees:,60+ days prior to date of hire full 100% refund, 30-59 days 75% will be refunded, between 30-0 days: 50% of hire fee which will be deducted from the deposit. Any dispensations to this clause will be at the discretion of BVH committee. Regular hirers will be expected to pay in full if less than 48 hours notice is given before hire date.

24. All events to finish by 23.00 Hours to respect our neighbours and to continue hiring the hall for later events.

25. All events to finish by 23.00 Hours.