1Before contacting the bookings secretary for hall availability, please check the well maintained events calender on the Bookings page.

Bookings & Availability

   3The Hall is staffed by volunteers, so please be patient and respectful

   2. For a list of available equipment for hirees, please see Bookings page Equipment list by clicking on the button below.

Equiptment List

   4The refundable deposit is returned after a  Hall / Annex inspection, breakages and cleaning will be deducted if the hall / Annex is not left as found on entry. 

   5Any issues found by Hirees must be reported on entry to the hall or Annex.

   6Enrty to Hall / Annex is via keysafe at the main entrance of the hall and the code will be provided when booking is confirmed, code is changed regularly.

   7For all regular classes, please refer to Bookings page - Calendar.

   8. All events to finish by 23.00 Hours.

   9. Main Hall Dimensions - Width = 9.068Meters or 29'9" x Length = 14.486 Meters or 49'2" x Height = 3 Meters or 9'9"to beams in the eaves and 3.45 Meters or 11'4" in the centre.

 10. Annex Dimensions - Width = 5.650 Meters or 18'6" x Length = 9.400 Meters or 30'10" x Height (as looking from rear annex door) Right 2.73 Meters or 8'96" x Middle = 3.22 Meters or    10'56"x Left = 3.64 Meters or 11'94".